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Welcome to Iron Trident, a veteran in the field of concrete and landscape construction in West Vancouver, serving for over twenty-five years. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of projects, each showcasing our skill and proficiency in this sector. We’re more than just a typical construction firm; our strength lies in landscape construction, with a unique focus on architectural concrete work.

We are proud of our partnerships with a diverse range of professional designers and engineers, as these collaborations consistently expand our knowledge and enhance our ability to serve you better. We do more than just construct; we transform ordinary spaces into captivating landscapes that withstand time and leave a lasting impression.

Let Us Guide You Through

Our Process

Understanding Your Vision

Our initial step is to fully understand your unique vision for your landscaping endeavor. We attentively listen to your ideas, preferences, and the anticipated use of the space, ensuring these aspects form the foundation of our design blueprint. We firmly believe that the success of each project starts with a clear understanding of our client's aspirations.

Site Assessment and Planning

Our team performs a thorough examination of your site, analyzing both its natural elements and built structures, while also pinpointing potential construction obstacles. We also take into account various factors including soil composition, drainage patterns, and sunlight exposure.

Collaborative Design Process

We take great pride in our collaborative design method. By closely collaborating with our clients, alongside skilled designers and engineers, we craft a comprehensive plan encompassing all facets of the landscape construction project. This collaborative approach guarantees that the end product seamlessly integrates our client's vision with our professional insight.

Expertise in Material Selection

Focusing on concrete, we grasp the significance of selecting appropriate materials for every project. We carefully consider aspects like durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact in our material choices. Leveraging our team's proficiency, we guarantee that the materials employed not only elevate the allure of your landscape but also ensure long-lasting quality.

Precision in Execution

At Iron Trident, our team of adept craftsmen meticulously transforms designs into reality with precision and dedication. Every aspect, from the initial groundwork to the finishing touches, is executed with professionalism and a commitment to the highest quality standards. We firmly believe in flawlessly executing each project to craft landscapes that captivate from the outset and endure the test of time.

Final Site Walkthrough

Our site walkthroughs are designed to perfectly align with your vision. We guide you through the developing landscape, pointing out key features and aspects of the progress. We explore the chosen materials, the subtleties of the design, and how all components blend with the environment.

Landscape Construction

At Iron Trident, we adeptly blend hardscape and softscape elements to create practical, harmonious landscapes. We focus on longevity and the seamless blending with nature, using a variety of materials from natural stone to concrete. Our hardscape services include custom design and installation of features like patios, pathways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens, all aimed at enhancing your outdoor area’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With our softscape services, we aim to infuse your landscape with the vibrant colors of nature. We meticulously choose and arrange trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses that not only heighten the visual charm but also enrich your space’s ecosystem. Our designs, striking a balance between hardscape and softscape elements, offer both visual attractiveness and sustainability, crafting a peaceful retreat in your own backyard.


Integrating hardscape elements into your property not only enhances its aesthetics and utility but also boosts its environmental sustainability. With a mix of textures and materials, hardscaping imparts a structured, refined look to your outdoor space while creating functional areas for activities like dining, socializing, or relaxing. Moreover, it safeguards your property from soil erosion and improves drainage, bolstering landscape sustainability.

Below are examples of our hardscape services:

Concrete Steps

In landscape construction, concrete steps provide a durable and attractive solution for navigating outdoor spaces. They blend practicality with visual charm, facilitating safe travel across varying terrains and enhancing the overall landscape aesthetic. The versatility of concrete allows these steps to be tailored in shape, color, and texture, complementing any design style. Additionally, for an added range of options, we also offer steps made from alternative materials like natural stone.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are a versatile choice for outdoor spaces, merging durability, design flexibility, and practicality. Their classic allure can transform patios, driveways, and walkways with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. They enhance landscapes visually while being remarkably durable and low-maintenance. With their non-slip surface, they provide safety, withstand high foot traffic, and resist harsh weather. Paving stones are an optimal solution for outdoor settings, successfully blending function and aesthetics.


Retaining Walls

In landscape design, retaining walls blend practicality with visual appeal, effectively managing soil erosion and water flow while elevating your outdoor area’s structured elegance. While concrete walls are known for their durability, strength, and design flexibility, alternative materials like natural stone, wood, or blocks each have unique benefits. Natural stone harmonizes with the landscape, wood offers traditional charm, and brick provides a classic touch. Each choice offers a range of aesthetics, from modern to rustic. Regardless of the material, retaining walls are an elegant solution to landscape challenges, improving your outdoor space’s look and functionality.

Architectural Concrete

Architectural concrete, notable for its resilience and versatility, provides a plethora of customization choices that can cater to your unique preferences. An array of colors, textures, and patterns are available, whether your style leans towards modern elegance or rural charm. From a smooth finish driveway to a patio that mirrors natural stone, or a walkway featuring complex designs, architectural concrete effortlessly blends beauty with practicality. Experience an uplifted outdoor living with our tailored architectural concrete services.

Why Choose Us

Eco-friendly Solutions

Our commitment lies in embracing environmental sustainability. We strive to minimize environmental impact through our construction techniques and choice of materials, ensuring your landscape is not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious.

Timely Completion and Transparency

We value both your time and trust. Our team commits to completing projects promptly while upholding high standards of quality. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you are kept informed and engaged at every stage of the process.

Experienced / Skilled Craftsmanship

Our squad is comprised of experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in landscape construction. By leveraging our skill and expertise, we consistently deliver results that surpass expectations, guaranteeing an outdoor area that marries functionality with visual appeal.

Quality and Durability

We give precedence to utilizing top-tier materials renowned for their durability. Whether it's concrete or natural stone, our selections ensure that your landscape remains resilient against the passage of time and varying weather conditions.

Personalized Design Approach

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each landscape and your personal preferences, our team works in tandem with you. We integrate your vision into our designs, crafting a space that aligns with your individual style and way of life.


Softscape landscaping, which includes the integration of living elements like plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees, is crucial in creating a green and inviting outdoor space. These components add color, texture, and visual appeal while cultivating an eco-friendly environment. A well-designed softscape not only provides shade and helps control soil erosion and rainwater runoff but also improves air quality, creates homes for local wildlife, and reduces noise pollution. It’s a testament to how a beautiful, vibrant landscape can also positively impact the local ecosystem.

Discover our softscape services below:

Horticulturalist Services

Our horticulturist, a vital part of our landscape construction team, uses their deep knowledge of plant science to enhance your outdoor space. They carefully choose plants that suit your local climate, soil conditions, and personal preferences. Besides, they also guide you on the correct planting methods and upkeep strategies to maintain your landscape’s health. Combining aesthetics and science, our horticulturist ensures your outdoor area is visually appealing, environmentally friendly, and blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Shrubs and Trees

We also offer tree and shrub planting, a vital component of our landscaping services. These core elements not only form a structure but also create private spaces and provide shade, transforming your exterior area into a peaceful haven. Our experts strategically select and plant trees and shrubs, considering your local climate, soil qualities, and design preferences. Our primary aim is to foster a verdant, environmentally friendly landscape that augments your property’s appeal and worth while contributing positively to the ecosystem.

Annual Planting and Gardening

As a key part of our gardening services, our seasonal planting service ensures a lively and vibrant landscape throughout the year. We curate the perfect annuals for your garden, taking into account soil composition and sunlight exposure. Our horticultural experts select and plant annual flowers and plants that enhance your environment’s visual appeal in all seasons. We’re set apart by our commitment to customization, acknowledging each client’s unique tastes. Whether you prefer a specific color scheme, have favorite plants, or wish to attract certain wildlife, we create tailored arrangements that reflect your personal style and vision while promoting your garden’s year-round growth.

Other Areas of Service


Experience unparalleled landscape construction services in Burnaby, where we transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking, functional living areas tailored to your unique aesthetic and lifestyle needs.


Discover top-tier landscape construction services in Vancouver, where we blend innovative design, expert craftsmanship, and sustainable practices to create stunning, functional outdoor spaces that enhance your property and lifestyle.


Unlock the possibilities of your outdoor area with our superior landscape construction services in Coquitlam. We meticulously design stunning and functional landscapes that boost your property's visual appeal and worth

Greater Vancouver Area

We also take on jobs all across the lower mainland, from Abbotsford to Whistler.

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Landscape Design

Entrust us with the creation of your dream landscape, marked by a design philosophy that perfectly fuses aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility. We firmly believe that the success of any project rests on a meticulously crafted design. Therefore, we collaborate with experienced landscape designers who are skilled at turning your visions into a practical and visually stunning outdoor space. Capitalizing on their deep-seated expertise and creative flair, our designers create landscapes that harmonize effortlessly with your property’s architectural features, regional weather, and personal preferences.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly techniques, we focus on conserving water while boosting the health and beauty of your landscape. Our irrigation solutions offer you the peace of mind of a thriving and colorful outdoor area, capable of withstanding fluctuating weather, all while aiding in preserving the environment. Our proficient team designs and implements bespoke irrigation systems, ensuring your grass, plants, and trees get the perfect amount of water they need to thrive, without wasting resources. Seamlessly care for your landscape with our professional irrigation services.

Out-Door Kitchens

Let us reshape your outdoor area into a place perfect for entertaining, where food, nature, and good company blend effortlessly. Whether you have in mind a minimalist, compact setup or an extravagant gourmet cooking area, our custom-designed and built outdoor kitchens cater to your culinary requirements, aesthetic tastes, and landscape layout. By using high-grade materials and demonstrating flawless craftsmanship, we assure that your outdoor kitchen doesn’t just add to the visual appeal of your landscape, but also endures over time.

Pools and Pool Construction

Indulge in luxury with our custom pool construction services. We specialize in creating stunning, high-end pools that serve as a rejuvenating oasis while amplifying the aesthetic allure of your environment. Our competent team guides you through every step, helping in the selection of a design that synergizes with your outdoor space and opting for resilient and secure materials. With our scrupulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your pool becomes a cherished focal point of your landscape, offering infinite tranquility and enjoyment.

Pool Decks

Elevate the elegance and functionality of your pool area with our custom-designed concrete pool decks and copings. Our team of experts carefully designs and constructs these features, with a focus on aesthetic improvement and enduring safety. By utilizing high-quality concrete, we offer a diverse range of finishes and textures to effortlessly align with your personal aesthetic and landscape design. Our pool decks and copings afford a harmonious and sophisticated look that integrates seamlessly with your pool, providing a comfortable and slip-resistant surface for leisurely relaxation by the poolside.

Fences and Wood Decks

Our adept team specializes in crafting robust, aesthetically pleasing fences, which not only define your property boundaries but also provide an extra layer of security. We employ superior materials to guarantee lasting durability and attractiveness. Our custom-built wooden decks are designed to enhance the usability of your landscape, creating the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings or tranquil periods of rest. Enhance both the beauty and privacy of your outdoor space with our tailor-made wooden fences and decks.

Landscape Lighting

More than just enhancing aesthetics, landscape lighting provides numerous advantages. Additionally, it can accentuate the architectural elements of your home and the lush foliage of your garden, introducing depth and drama to your landscape. It boosts safety and security by illuminating pathways and discouraging unwanted visitors. With our expert landscape lighting services, convert your outdoor space into an enchanting nocturnal retreat that’s both mesmerizing and practical. It extends the usability of your outdoor space, enabling enjoyment even after dark. Illuminate your outdoor area long after sunset with our landscape lighting solutions.


Landscape Construction Services


Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption ensures your landscape transformation starts on the right note, paving the way for a beautifully transformed outdoor space. With our advanced equipment and experienced team, we handle everything from site preparation, grading to trenching with precision and care.

Demo and Removal

With a focus on safety and efficiency, our experienced team skillfully handles the teardown of existing structures and the removal of rubbish, laying the groundwork for the actualization of your new landscape design. Acting as a fundamental first step, our demolition and removal services initiate the transformation process of your outdoor spaces.

Drainage Systems

Whether it's French drains, channel drains, or dry wells, these systems ensure effective water management, prevent soil erosion, and safeguard the structural integrity of the property. Our solutions are tailored to your landscape's unique needs, promising longevity and resilience in the face of all weather conditions.

Water Features

Features like rain gardens designed to manage local rainfall, BC native aquatic plant-filled ponds, or fountains inspired by the region's abundant marine life, not only add a calming atmosphere but also act as alluring centerpieces. They foster a serene connection with the Pacific Northwest's distinct natural charm.

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The communication was aboslutely great with Iron Trident They took the time to understand my vision, made thoughtful suggestions, and were always open to my feedback. Their team kept me informed about the progress at every step of the project. A real pleasure to work with.
Sarah Martinez
In a time when good customer service seems to be a forgotten art, Iron Trident stands out. Their dedication to clear, open communication made my landscaping project a stress-free experience. I am thrilled with the result, but more than that, I highly recommend them to anyone in need of landscaping.
David Anderson
I've had a genuinely pleasing experience working with the guys from Iron Trident. You can see their passion and expertise reflected in their work.
Emily Thompson
They transformed our rough ideas into a tangible reality, resulting in a space that is both lovely and functional. The team proved to be adept, innovative, and committed to delivering a high-quality job. If you're considering giving your outdoor space a new lease of life, I'd strongly recommend their services!
John Richards

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